Design Help & Idea's 


So you need help with your design, huh? We totally understand, there are a lot of options we offer and sometimes it gets confusing. Let us help you out! Down below you will find everything you need to make sure your controller turns out the way you want it.


Frequently asked Design Questions & Answers


What does (color) look like?


Here is a list of all the colors we offer, and images of those colors. This is exactly how they will look on your controller! 

Alpine White


Pearlized White


Deep Black


Metallic Carbon Black




Sky Blue


Pearlescent Dark Blue


Deep Blue


Pearlescent Teal


Pearlescent Dark Green


Pearlescent Lime Green


Crimson Red


Pearlescent Flame Red


Pearlescent Flame Orange


Flame Yellow


Pearlescent Yellow


Pearlescent Nightmare Purple




Opaque Pink


Pearlescent Magenta


Metallic Gold


 Metallic Silver

Best Color Combinations(opinionated):


Which color combinations look the best?


Good question, with hundreds of color combinations available sometimes it gets difficult to really tell what looks the best in harmony with one another. We asked some of our artist's which color combination looks the best - here are some of there answers!

Base Color: Purple
Secondary Color: White

Base Color: Purple
Secondary Color: Black

Base Color: Light Blue
Secondary Color: White

Base Color: Red
Secondary Color: White 

Base Color: Metallic Silver
Secondary Color: Light Blue

Base Color: Metallic Silver
Secondary Color: Black

Base Color: Yellow
Secondary Color: Red

Base Color: Lime Green
Secondary Color: Black

Base Color: Black
Secondary Color: Lime Green

Base Color: Dark Green
Secondary Color: Black

Base Color: Orange
Secondary Color: Black

Base Color: Magenta
Secondary Color: Dark Blue

Base Color: Yellow
Secondary Color: Black

Base Color: Grey
Secondary Color: Black 

Base Color: Dark Blue
Secondary Color: Lime Green

Base Color: Metallic Silver
Secondary Color: Teal

Base Color: Metallic Gold
Secondary Color: Metallic Silver

Base Color: Metallic Silver
Secondary Color: Metallic Gold



What all goes into a 'Controller Plus' controller? Why are the prices the way they are?


We could honestly sit here for hours and tell you every single bit of detail that goes into every controller we do here, but it's just to much to list, which reflects on the price - so i'll break it down for you a bit. 

1st Step:

We take apart the Xbox One / Xbox 360 controller and clean the shell.

2nd Step:

We sand the shell down to an ultra smooth surface for our primer layer.

3rd Step:

We prime the controller with a 3 part epoxy system to ensure the controller has a bump free finish.

4th Step:

Vinyl work. One of our trained employees uses software and a state-of-the-art vinyl cutting machine to cut the desired designs and gamertags you selected.

5th Step: 

We start painting! One of our skilled artist goes in and hand paints your order exactly the way you want it! We hand paint 100% of the time.

6th Step:

Curing time. We let the paint cure/bake for 24 hours before we lay the clear coat down.

7th Step:

Clear coat! Using our industry standard 3 part clear coat, one of our trained employee's goes in and lays down the clear coat for a durable, protective shine.

8th Step:

Buffing time. Here we go in and buff out any impurities there may be on the shell. If impurities are found, we repeat the 7th Step.

9th Step:

Curing time again. This time we bake the clear coat under state-of-the-art infrared curing lamps in small intervals for 5-10 days to cure the clear coat into a rock hard shell.

10th Step:

Polishing, wax, and buffering for desired gloss. If 'Ultra Gloss' is chosen, we go in and add another layer of clear after buffing it down and finish it off with, polish, wax and mirror glaze compound for the ultimate shine available on the market.

11th Step:

Modifications. Any modifications purchased will be installed at this time, whether it's trigger stops, custom leds, etc.

12th Step:

We now go in, assemble the controller and ship it! Now we're finally done.


All these steps combined ensure that you receive the best custom controller possible. We offer the highest quality controllers on the net, and our prices reflects that. We have very competitive pricing's at this time, lower than 90% of our competition - but yet here you get the highest quality available. We have tried to lower our prices for you, but the materials we use are industry standard thus they cost a lot more than others who use regular old spray paint. You pay for quality here. Why not invest a little bit more money on something that will last you a life time?


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