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Create Your Own (Xbox 360)

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Question about our pricing? Click here

Need help with your design? Click here

Still can't think of a design idea? Check out our YouTube channel where thousands of controllers have been uploaded!

Creating the best possible custom Xbox 360 controllers with the most unique designs is our main goal here at controller plus. Using the create your own section on our website gives you endless possibilities on what you can have on your controller, you can also choose from any of our pre-made designs here or communicate your design ideas with our staff and artists through our quote page to ensure the most unique, one of a kind design that can't be replicated.

Every Controller at Controller plus starts with a O.E.M. official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. We do not use knockoffs or cheap off brand products from china so you get the best possible quality available in every order. All additional parts, and buttons used in our product are O.E.M. Quality meaning there will not be any issues with button stick, or looseness, everything will fit and function perfectly.

Here at controller plus we use the very best, high quality automotive paints available on or custom painted Xbox 360 controllers. We not only paint the front shell of your controller but the back as well, setting us apart from many of our competitors. With our wide range of colors, and the ability to mix different paints together, the possibilities are truly endless. If you have a unique color in mind make sure to visit our request a quote page and let us know what you're looking for and we will make it happen.

Controller plus gives you the option to change, add and customize your controllers LED lights. Every customer has the option to change their controllers Ring of light color, not only to just one color, but can request any 4 color combinations through our quote page. In addition to our ring of light option, controller plus also offers the ability to add LED lights to your controllers thumb sticks. Customers can also take their controller to the next level by choosing to have an LED light shine through an image or text element on the front shell of the controller to completely stand out.

Every controller customized and painted here at controller plus is clear coated using top of the line automotive clear coat. This clear coat ensures that your custom painted Xbox 360 controllers is protected and will last. If you would like to go that extra mile, Controller plus offers an Ultra reflective option where we will wax and buff your controller to perfection.

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    this controller is amazing it works great (Posted on 2/10/2013)

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